Remove George Osborne from government

Enough is enough…

This guy has to be without a doubt the most incompetent idiot to ever be named chancellor. The guy is a hypocrite, he said he would ensure we kept our triple AAA credit rating as part of the manifesto and now look, were getting downgraded by Moody’s which may not have that much of an impact, however its more the principle.

He has lied about what he was going to do. What did he do himself to try and avoid this. What measures did he do, he must of knew this was coming from them, what did he to to try and stop this? Nothing… Because all they care about is sorting themselves out.

Why do we pay 60% tax for petrol when the prices are now ridiculous and have gone up 6p in a week. If the guy halved petrol tax for a year, look at what impact that would have. Yes the government would get some less pennies but it would drive a big boost into the economy because people could afford to drive their cars as they should be able to….But what will we get, oh were not going to do the normal 3p half yearly rise.. Well woopty doo George, thats really helping people with whats going on……

The guy is out of touch with what the fuck is going on in this country and he needs to be kicked out.

I advise every citizen who has some self dignity and patriotism to sign this e-petition to get these idiots removed from the government and replaced with someone more equipped to deal with this very real crisis that our country faces.

This is the last straw for this idiot. He needs to be removed the end….The petition is below please sign it so we can at least have some decent chance of bringing this country back to some notion of why its called “Great Britain”.


And while your at it go here to sign the fuel protest petition currently at 34976..


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