batch script to check for file mapping and remap if disconnected

The below script was set to check for a specific file mapping that was disconnecting. If detected it will then remap the drive.

Simply change the s part in s:null to your drive letter and then add in the Email and mapping details which are highlighted in caps with the hyphen (eg EMAIL-HERE)

if exist s:nul if exist map.lock del map.lock & goto END

if exist map.lock goto END

if exist s:nul goto END
print "drive not mapped"
blat -to "EMAIL-HERE" -server SMTP-HERE -f -subject "Mapping Failed" -body "drive Mapping Failed/disconnected"
echo & map.lock

VMWare Standalone converter – unable to create a vss snapshot of the source volume

To fix the error when using VMWare standalone converter “unable to create a vss snapshot of the source volume”. You may have conflicting drive managment software.

To Confirm what you have run the below command.

vssadmin list providers

If there are 2 and you just need the Microsoft one, simply uninstall the other drive managment software.

You may also need to remove the key for the software if its not done from the install from the below location.

Run regedit

Remove the key that you dont need in the providers folder.