Fix RPM install “BAD, key ID”

If when trying to install an RPM you receive the below error. Try running the below command on the RPM affected and then put this back into your repository.


Header V4 RSA/SHA1 signature: BAD, key ID 8816c449#012


rpm --delsign your.rpm

VMWare Standalone converter – unable to create a vss snapshot of the source volume

To fix the error when using VMWare standalone converter “unable to create a vss snapshot of the source volume”. You may have conflicting drive managment software.

To Confirm what you have run the below command.

vssadmin list providers

If there are 2 and you just need the Microsoft one, simply uninstall the other drive managment software.

You may also need to remove the key for the software if its not done from the install from the below location.

Run regedit

Remove the key that you dont need in the providers folder.