VMWare Standalone converter – unable to create a vss snapshot of the source volume

To fix the error when using VMWare standalone converter “unable to create a vss snapshot of the source volume”. You may have conflicting drive managment software.

To Confirm what you have run the below command.

vssadmin list providers

If there are 2 and you just need the Microsoft one, simply uninstall the other drive managment software.

You may also need to remove the key for the software if its not done from the install from the below location.

Run regedit

Remove the key that you dont need in the providers folder.


Great tutorial on setting up vCMA for remote access via the VMware iPad application!

Mohammad Alam - K'Base

This is a very nice post from Eric Siebert from his BLOG http://searchvmware.techtarget.com. Helped me a lot and might help you.


After considering the security implications of managing a VMware infrastructure with an iPad, it’s time to install vCenter Mobile Access (vCMA) and connect it to the vSphere Client for iPad.

First, download the most recent copy of vCMA from the VMware Labs website. It’s available as either an Open Virtualization Format (OVF) file that can be imported into vCenter Server, or as a ZIP file with the virtual machine (VM) already deployed, which you can copy to a host and register. The OVF file is easier to install, so l will cover that method.

Download the OVF version to your workstation. It contains a small .ovf file and a 300 MB system.vmdk file.

Figure 1
(Click image for an enlarged view.)

Unzip the file…

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Esxi – Add historical stats to go over the 1 hour limit

The free version of esxi only allows you to view 1 hour of data through the vsphere tool.

To enable further historical stats simply amend the configuration file located within /etc/vmware/hostd directory. Amend the historical stats figure from false to true.

vi /etc/vmware/hostd/config.xml
<!-- Enable historical stats collection -->
<historicalStatsEnabled> true </historicalStatsEnabled>

Esxi – Add SNMP

To add SNMP to free esxi 5.0 do the below.

Log onto esxi CLI

vi /etc/vmware/snmp.xml

Make the following amendments detailed below

<targets>YOURSERVERIPHERE@161 public</targets>
services.sh restart

The server should now be available to be polled via snmp.