Increase Jetty Cookie size limit to stop 413 errors

To stop the below response for cookies.

413 Status: Request Entity Too Large

Add the below to the jetty.xml configuration file

For Jetty7

<Set name="headerBufferSize">16192</Set>


<Set name="requestHeaderSize">16192</Set>

Esxi – Add historical stats to go over the 1 hour limit

The free version of esxi only allows you to view 1 hour of data through the vsphere tool.

To enable further historical stats simply amend the configuration file located within /etc/vmware/hostd directory. Amend the historical stats figure from false to true.

vi /etc/vmware/hostd/config.xml
<!-- Enable historical stats collection -->
<historicalStatsEnabled> true </historicalStatsEnabled>

Esxi – Add SNMP

To add SNMP to free esxi 5.0 do the below.

Log onto esxi CLI

vi /etc/vmware/snmp.xml

Make the following amendments detailed below

<targets>YOURSERVERIPHERE@161 public</targets>
</snmpSettings> restart

The server should now be available to be polled via snmp.